Skills Lab is a SAGE Group company, created specifically to meet an overwhelming demand for high-quality, current industry learning.

Offering a new ‘industry-training-industry’ approach to skills development, our training is both diverse and highly relevant.

Skills Lab will help you build capability with a uniquely blended learning approach, drawing upon expertise, currency and the vast experience of working engineers.

The result? Practical learning outcomes for you, your teams and your organisation.

Our Courses

Standard Courses

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Non-Accredited Programs

Enhance your skills across varied equipment with our industry-designed programs. We offer flexible training options, customised to suit your needs.

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Relevant customised industrial automation training

We’re proud to have worked with some of the most iconic brands across the defence, resources, utilities, energy, manufacturing and transport sectors to improve job and team performance.

Our training is structured to allow both you and your team to manage your workload while also advancing skill sets.

As a learner, you'll have access to the best thinking in industrial automation, alongside world class training platforms (many of which we designed and constructed in-house and have also deployed internationally).

We’ll meet you onsite, deliver training in our Labs or even via our Virtual Face-to-Face capability.

Tap into our solid industry knowledge to truly advance your skill set both now and into the future.

Build your expertise

Skills Lab is where you come to build the knowledge you need in the way you need it. Here’s how we’re different from the rest.

The best thinking

The best thinking

Access the best thinking of the SAGE Group of companies, known and respected leaders in industrial automation and control solutions and industry 4.0.

Industry training

Industry training

Get access to top-tier trainers, who are actually experienced engineers, working daily to solve complex client problems.

Blended learning

Blended learning

Optimise your team’s skills, starting with a needs analysis. Then, get customised training delivery from industry peers, using training platforms that feature current technology used in industrial environments.